Student Assignments

Monday 4/1/19 (9am-9:50am)


Cashiers (Billy, Mack, Bryan, Matthew, maybe Sarah) will use a laptop or their phone to enter customer orders using this website-

Cashiers should communicate in the following manner:

1) Hello, may I please take your order

2) Repeat back the person's order and say, "Will this complete your order"

3) Use a calculator to add up the person's total bill

4) Tell the customer, that will be $_______

5) Lastly, tell the customer, "here is your receipt, you are order #_____,  have a great day!

Customers (All other students except Daniella)-  Customers should complete the following worksheet below using the menu provided below and then practice ordering food from the cashiers (Billy, Mack, Bryan, Matthew, maybe Sarah) and giving the correct bill(s) (example- $5, $10, $15, $20)

Burger Hut Menu

Ordering Worksheet

Customers should communicate in the following manner:

1) Hello I would like to please have__________________

Food Bank Workers: Billy, Jalynn, Jelissa, Joel, Luke, Bryan, Mack, Erica, Angelica, & Matthew will go with Ms. Hoskins & Ladybug to the Food Bank.  

YMCA Volunteers: Everyone else will stay back at the YMCA with Ms. Yilda, Ethan, & Alice and will follow this schedule below:

12pm-1pm- Work on Online Life Skill Virtual Lessons-

Allow different students to take turns entering answers on the computer.

1pm-2pm- - Swimming

2:15pm-3pm- Heatlhy Snack Lesson

Tuesday 4/2/19 (9am-9:50am)


Ms. Keisha teaches a lesson to the majority of students but the following students below will have different assignments:


David- Practice copying messages onto greeting cards.  Please fold construction paper in half and have David copy a message addressed from the YMCA such as (example): 


Dear Mr. Hunt,


Get well soon!  We wish you a speedy recovery.



YMCA Family

Gabby, Elliott, Mark, Austin, Luke, Erica, Jelissa, Bryan, or anyone else who needs to learn their personal/basic information- Complete Basic Information Form (click link here to view/printform):


Billy- Complete the following assignment (click here):


Bryan- Allow Bryan to use his cellphone to complete the following assignment after he completes his "Basic Information Form" assignment.


Daniella- Take out the Red Cash Register and have a staff person, UF volunteer, or another student to pass Daniella either of the following two coins: A Dime or A Quarter. First place one Dime and one Quarter in a particular section of the cash register and Daniella should receive a dime or quarter one-by-one from someone and place the coin in the correct spot.  If she gets finished with Dimes and Quarters, she may also do Nickles vs. Pennies.



Assignment #1 Work on typing with Ethan.  Please remind Angelica to whisper during this activity so others can hear Ms. Keisha teach her lesson.   

Assignment #2 Angelica will go into the hallway with Ms. Yilda and practice the following commands for about 10-15 minutes

a) Please walk

b) Please stop (Angelica tends to keep moving when asked to stop.  She needs to come to a complete stop when asked to stop)

c) Turn Left 

d) Turn Right

Assignment #3 Angelica will practice navigating from the outside doors of the YMCA all the way to the classroom without using sighted-guide.  

Assignment #4 Angelica will practice folding up & wrapping up her new cane and also taking it back out to use it for walking.

Wednesday 4/3/19



Whole Group Lesson on the Following Topic- "My Emotions, Right Time vs. Wrong Time"

Print the following worksheet for each student & use classroom screen to record answers that the group collectively comes up with.


(10am-11am Zumba/Fitness Center)


Heatlthy Snack Lesson by Chef Hoskins

Watch the following video below and each student or groups of students will measure a different dry or wet measurement to add to the recipe.  We may have to scale down the ingredients to half of everything since we have a small oven and can only make 1 pan or maybe we can make 2 pans and store one pan in the refrigerator to bake afterwards.  

Watch Granola Recipe Video: