Schedule & Policies


Morning/Afternoon Drop-off / Dismissal

Normally Life Academy students will begin and end their day at the North Central YMCA (5201 NW 34th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32605).

Times: 8:30am – 3:30pm Mon-Fri


*When the Fit 4 All program begins, students will be dismissed from the Gainesville Health & Fitness Center (4820 W. Newberry Rd) at 3pm on Tuesday & Thursday.  We will notify you when this will take effect.


August 12, 2019- May 29, 2020 Schedule
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City Bus Travel Training

We are utilizing the RTS City bus system to teach students how to safely commute within Alachua County.  We realize that this may potentially be a viable source of transportation for various young adults with disabilities as opposed to driving.  Students will also be trained to cross streets safely.  Finally, students will be trained to appropriately interact with people in the community who they do not know and/or recently met (i.e. casual acquaintances).


City Bus Passes

Many of our students already have RTS City Bus passes obtained from the Center for Independent Living (222 SW 36 Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607).  LTS staff will schedule appointments with the Center for Independent Living (CIL) for individuals who do not currently have a city bus pass.  We will keep you informed regarding the date/time that the CIL assigns our group an appointment. In terms of our entire group traveling in the community for the upcoming weeks, we will still utilize the RTS city bus even if everyone does not currently have a bus pass, because each bus pass allows a second individual to accompany the bus pass holder free of charge.    



We are kindly asking for students to pack bagged lunches on dates specified on the schedule (see below). Generally on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, students should ALWAYS pack a bagged lunch. On Wednesday, students have the option of purchasing pizza with their bowling ticket for a total of $10. This price includes the bowling fee, shoes, pizza, and a drink.



We will bowl each Wednesday, traveling to Alley Gatorz (2606 NE Waldo Rd, Gainesville, FL 32609).  On bowling days, 2 games and lunch (2 Slices of Pizza + Fountain Drink) is included within each students’ tuition, so you don’t have to send money unless students would like to purchase options other than pizza.  


Swimming/Team Sports

On Tuesday & Thursday, students will be able to swim at the YMCA pool, pending good weather.  Please pack SUNSCREEN!  On select days, we may also have students participate in team sport activities such as kickball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, etc in the YMCA gym if there is inclement weather outdoors.  



On Monday & Wednesday our students will participate in gardening at the YMCA.  We will grow and harvest food and will also grow plants to sell and/or give-away to the community.  This activity will hopefully promote entrepreneurship skills as well as build students’ work ethic!


Dress Code

Students should dress in comfortable and appropriate attire.  On most days, it is probably best for individuals to wear comfortable shoes (i.e. tennis shoes) due to exercising at the gym and walking in the community. On garden days, students may want to wear a t-shirt in the morning that they don’t mind getting dirty.  On Tues/Thurs students should bring a bathing suit or swimming trunks.


Fitness at the YMCA & Gainesville Health & Fitness Center/ Fit 4 All Program

Each Mon-Wed, our students participate in Zumba classes at the YMCA or students may choose to work out in the YMCA’s wellness center gym.  In September (Date-TBD), the Life Academy students will participate in the Fit 4 All Program at Gainesville Health & Fitness Gym. This is a specially designed program to train individuals with intellectual disabilities on how to properly use gym equipment to maintain optimal personal fitness.  Gainesville Health & Fitness is currently still in the process of confirming a date/time for our entire group to participate. In the event that Gainesville Health & Fitness is unable to accommodate our entire group, we have developed an alternate schedule on our program calendar/schedule.


Horseback Riding

Every Thursday morning from 9:45-11:45, our students participate in a therapeutic horseback riding class at Stirrups & Strides Equestrian Center in Citra, Fl (4246 W Hwy 318, Citra, FL 32113).  If your son/daughter is interested in participating in horseback riding, he she must complete the following forms below:

Horseback Riding-  Please note that a physician must complete the Medical History & Physician statement form.  Also, one of the forms must be notarized.    Please click on and complete the waiver forms below to have your son/daughter participate:

Rider/Driver Application 2018


H-9-Participants Medical History and Physicians Statement


Friday Community-Based Instructional Field Trips (CBI)

Each month we have designed thematic community-based instructional field trips (see schedule below). During these field trips, students will travel via city bus or LTS vehicles to places such as community agencies/businesses/recreational centers to learn about conducting business and fulfilling necessary “life” routines which independent adults typically experience.  

Click Here to View Schedule: 

Vocational Rehabilitation Job Placements

LTS has included an intake registration form for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR).  LTS is currently a VR provider and we are now offering job placement services for students who have an interest in employment within the community.  Students MUST first register with VR and complete their intake process and select Life Transition Skills, Inc as their service provider in order to have LTS provide job placement and coaching services.  Students who are placed on a job may still participate in the Life Academy part-time on days that he/she is not scheduled to work.      


School Supplies

Students should bring the following items:

  • 3 ring binder (with plastic cover in the front to hold a title page)

  • Paper

  • Pens/Pencils

  • Wrist watch

  • Work-out clothes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

  • Clothes that are also conducive for gardening (these could also be the same workout clothes) – Gardening occurs on Monday & Wednesday (see schedule)

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Swimming Clothes on Tuesday & Thursday

  • Sunscreen Daily

  • City bus cards- Free Bus cards are available for individuals with disabilities at the Center for Independent Living (CIL).  To obtain a city bus pass, you must call the CIL at 352-378-7474 to make an appointment. LTS will also be able to make appointments for students, so no worries if you are not able to get this accomplished.  

  • Florida State ID Card

  • Bagged Lunches (Mon, Tue, Thurs) or everyday if they are not eating pizza on Wednesday at the bowling alley or purchasing food  on Friday!


Medical Release I understand that I will be notified in the case of a medical emergency involving my son/daughter. In the event that I cannot be reached, I authorize the providing of any/all necessary medical services in the event my son/daughter is injured or becomes ill. Furthermore, I understand that LTS and affiliates will not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred, but that such expenses will be my responsibility as a parent/guardian.

Transportation Release I understand that my son/daughter will be transported to and from various activities via LTS private staff vehicles and/or LTS Bus.  In the event of an accident or injury, I agree not to hold LTS financially liable and I also agree to only pursue financial damages from the car insurance coverages/limits available from the specific staff person's vehicle insurance provider and/or LTS bus insurance.  I agree not to hold LTS and/or any of it's staff personally liable for financial damages incurred from injuries in the event of an accident while my son/daughter is being transported to and from Life Academy Activities and/or to and from home by LTS staff.  


Photo Release If permission is granted, I understand that photographs will be used to keep a visual journal of activities as well as for promotional purposes including printed materials and on the internet. I understand that although my son/daughter's photograph may be used for advertising, his or her identity will not be disclosed. I do not expect to be compensated and understand that all photos are the property of LTS. Regarding digital media, LTS will only utilize photos, videos, etc for students whom we have be given permission to do so!

Code of Conduct Agreement All students are expected to show respect to the staff, other participants, and the equipment. LTS reserves the right to discuss any situation that may arise, and pending the severity of the circumstances, may also dismiss students for all/part of the Life Academy Program.


Withdrawal Policy I agree to provide LTS with a 2-week notice in the event that a student needs to withdraw from the Life Academy Program. After a withdrawal letter is provided to LTS, I agree to remit tuition payment(s) for 2 consecutive Mondays following submission of a withdrawal request.


Payment/Attendance Policy I agree to remit tuition payment(s) to Life Transition Skills, Inc every Monday via check. The weekly tuition cost is $250/week.   Tuition includes fees for YMCA Membership, Weekly Horseback Riding, & Weekly Bowling and Pizza w/drink lunch combo each Wednesday. This is a 10 month program and weekly tuition must be remitted even if students are absent. I agree to remit full weekly tuition payment(s) of $250 each week even if a holiday occurs during a specific week. Scholarships are also available based on financial need.  Applications can be found here: I understand accept this responsibility. If your son/daughter has been be pre-approved to receive a scholarship, still complete our scholarship application, but you may disregard the weekly cost amount listed above.  Students receiving a scholarship must remit $10 on Wednesday for bowling and/or $30 if participating in horseback riding on Thursday.    

Part-Time Attendee Policy Individuals who inform LTS that their son/daughter will only attend part-time for the entire year should adhere to the following: Part-time students must attend at least 2 days in a given week at a rate of $65 per day.  If a student is attending on Wednesday, he/she must bring an additional $10 for bowling/lunch.  If attending on Thursday and participating in horseback riding, a student must remit an additional $30 fee.  

Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy Safety is our number one priority with regards to working with your son/daughter. In the unlikely event that our local weather advisory indicates that weather conditions are currently or will become dangerous to the extent that schools are advised to be closed, the Life Academy may also follow-suit in cancelling our program for one or more days. Life Academy administrators will make all final decisions regarding the cancellation of one or more days. In the event that days are cancelled due to poor weather conditions, full weekly tuition of $250 must still be remitted. Please type your name on the line below to indicate that you accept this responsibility to remit the full weekly tuition even if Inclement Weather causes one or more days to be cancelled for the Life Academy.

Dates of the Program I understand that the Life Academy is a 10 month program from August 12, 2019 - May 29, 2020 and the beginning and ending dates coincide with the Alachua County Schools Calendar. However, the Life Academy has its own calendar dates with regards to Holidays, which may differ from the School Board Calendar.

Holiday Policy The Life Academy WILL NOT MEET on the following holiday dates:

Sep 2- (Labor Day)

Oct 4- (UF Homecoming)

Nov 11- (Veterans Day)

Nov 25-29  (Thanksgiving) **NO Tuition Due This Week!

Dec 23-Jan 3 (Winter Holidays) **NO Tuition Due These Weeks!

Jan 20- (ML King Day)

May 25- (Memorial Day)



We have a couple of upcoming activities in which we will need to obtain permissions slips for students to participate.  If you have already completed any of the forms below, you can just submit the forms that you have not yet completed.


1) Gymnastics at the YMCA- Life Academy Students may participate in a very low-impact gymnastics class at the YMCA from 11:45am-12:30pm one day per week.  After this class, we will eat lunch and then head to the Fit 4 All program. Please click on and complete the waiver form below to have your son/daughter participate:


Gymnastics Waiver Form

Special Olympics- LTS supports Special Olympics.  Although we are not likely to have our own team, below is the application to get your son/daughter involved with Special Olympics in our community.   

Special Olympics Waiver Forms:



Open House-  Date: TBD