Unique Employment Service for Individuals with Disabilities

4-6 Week Internship Program

Supported Employment/Employment Services is a unique employment service for individuals with disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment. The program is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation. Supported Employment offers continuing assistance from an employment specialist to maintain long-term employment for individuals who have previously been unable to succeed in traditional employment.  An employment specialist from LTS will be paired with the individual and assist with job placement and stabilization.


On The Job Training is a 4 to 6 week internship program where an individual with a disability is placed on a job site and with supports from LTS, VR and the employer. The person works a maximum of 20 hrs per week for up to 6 weeks. The individual is paid a per hour wage by LTS which is then reimbursed by VR. The employer is not responsible for paying the teen. 

If you are interested, contact Tonja Pressley at 352-225-8673​.