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Transitioning from high school to the real world now makes sense

Transitioning from High School to the “real” world now makes sense!  LTS is now bringing new clarity and peace of mind to many families who are concerned about their son/daughter’s next transition phase from High School to “Life” after the K-12 Public School System.


If your son or daughter has enjoyed LTS programs such as our summer camp or Gainesville Buddies, then this new opportunity will surely spark your interest. Students will have the opportunity to improve with regards to social skills, job skills, work ethic, personal behavior, community awareness, and career/job preference awareness.  


We are so pleased to now offer a more SUSTAINABLE option to your family.  We are grateful that parents have been very pleased with our services over the years. We anticipate that this new program will offer even greater opportunities for your daughter or son to increase her/his level of independence and overall quality of life.

LTS hosts an exciting and highly interactive Adult-Day Academy called “The Life Academy!"